Ralph Chastain Recommends Family Rights Protection Foundation

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Website: http://www.familyrightsprotectionfoundation.org/

DCS, CASA, & CPS is all about the money and needs huge changes. The federal adoption incentives need to be gone and courts need to be opened not secretive like they currently are. Hopefully groups like this enables them to change. They took my kids over money and they can do the same thing to you as well. Two of my kids, we don’t know where they are. Foster mom won’t even talk to us. The other foster mom will talk to us. It was all too much. That’s why we gave up on our second/third kids. This was the worst thing that has ever happened to us and I love it when groups like this come together and fight for a common cause. We need to either abolish or get rid of the incentives and open up the courts. It’s he said, she said without the lack of evidence. They didn’t even allow us to talk in court. I read one document but they gave us no time to talk. You have to document everything and record every single thing but they are so corrupt that you’d have no say so in what goes on in your case anyways. Sarah took pictures of the nice looking version of the place and they still didn’t like it. They took the medicaid from our daughter after Sarah filed an grievance from the state. They made us look bad still after when we wanted to give up our first daughter for adoption because of her disability. Our second kid was taking over marijuana, yes it wasn’t right smoking weed in front of a kid. They didn’t give us a chance to even keep our second kid. They had pages of lies over us. Sarah’s attorney had one casa removed. The second casa did the same thing. They took our third kid at the hospital over some nurses saying that we dropped the kid on it’s head which wasn’t true. The woman’s hospital was hostile and they treat us like crap. They probably thought we were some kind of abusers which isn’t true. The system is corrupt to the core and John Boel shows on Kentucky’s 32 wlky why the federal bonus dollars drive this kidnapping of kids and why everyone needs to know not to call cps even if you are mad. They don’t need another kid from anyone period.

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