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    Jacksonville Mother Calls for Change after Medical Kidnapping

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    JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– Last June, I came across a documentary onNetflix called “Take Care of Maya.”Despite having no idea what it was about, I decided to press play.

    The documentary goes back to 2016, when a Florida girl named Maya Kowalski — who suffers from a complex medical condition — was removed from her parents’ custody because health care and government institutions had suspicions of medical child abuse, also known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

    Long story short, Maya’s mom, Beata, ended up taking her own life after experiencing extreme emotional distress due to her daughter’s removal.


    Reforms didn’t help. They steal childen still and they stole my friend’s kids.

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    “Sec. 5. Improving Processes to Prevent Unnecessary Removal and Secure Permanency for Children. (a) Federal Review of Reasonable Effort Determinations and Timeliness Requirements.

    (i) Within 2 years of the date of this order, the Secretary shall require that both the title IV-E reviews conducted pursuant to 45 CFR 1356.71 and the Child and Family Services Reviews conducted pursuant to 45 CFR 1355.31–1355.36 specifically and adequately assess the following requirements:

    (A) reasonable efforts to prevent removal;…

    (iv) Within 6 months of the date of this order, the Secretary shall provide guidance to States regarding flexibility in the use of Federal funds to support and encourage high-quality legal representation for parents and children, including pre-petition representation, in their efforts to prevent the removal of children from their families, safely reunify children and parents, finalize permanency, and ensure that their voices are heard and their rights are protected. The Secretary shall als

    Source: https://nationalfile.com/president-trump-signs-executive-order-to-protect-parents-from-cps-reform-foster-care/

    CPS Corruption No Warrant

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    NEW YORK — The banging on Ronisha Ferguson’s apartment door in the Bronx started on a Thursday afternoon as she waited for her two sons to get home from school.

    Ferguson, a nurse working 16-hour double shifts, knew instantly who she’d find in her hallway that day in February 2019.

    For years, caseworkers from the Administration for Children’s Services, New York City’s child protective services bureau, had been showing up unannounced like this and inspecting her kitchen, her bathroom and her bedroom — and her children’s bodies — without a warrant.

    Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/child-abuse-welfare-home-searches-warrant-rcna50716

    Medical Kidnappers Lose Major Court Battles but Child Trafficking through Child Welfare Continues

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    Medical Kidnappers Lose Major Court Battles but Child Trafficking through Child Welfare Continues

    We get to end this week with some rare positive news stories in the subject of medical kidnapping and child trafficking in the U.S.

    The highly public medical kidnapping case in Florida that was made popular with the Netflix film “Take Care of Maya” ended this week, where a jury awarded over $210 million to the Kowalski family for their losses during the time Maya was medically kidnapped byJohns Hopkins All Children’s Hospitalin Florida which led her mother to commit suicide. See our previous coverage of this case:

    See link for rest of the article…

    Families allege LVHN doctor wrongfully accused them of child abuse

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    ALLENTOWN, Pa. – At an emotional Lehigh County Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday night, dozens of families who say they were affected by alleged “medical kidnapping” by Lehigh Valley Health Network spoke out against the hospital’s treatment of children.

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    55 Performers Collapsing or Dying on Stage or Live Camera in Late 2022 through 2023

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    There are 55 documented cases of performers collapsing, dying, or falling ill in late 2022 through 2023 in this video.

    And in almost all of these cases, the media will say: “We don’t know what caused this, but it was definitely not the COVID vaccine.”

    Really? And we saw this happening prior to the roll-outs of the COVID “vaccines”? Did we see this in 2020 during the height of the COVID “virus pandemic” when they said we would see people dropping dead on the streets because the COVID “virus” was so bad?

    No, we did not see this. This began later in 2021, and continued throughout 2022 after the shots had been injected into the majority of the population.

    This is on ourBitchute channel. Thanks tocheckur6 on Bitchutefor compiling most of these.


    ‘I’m protecting my children from CPS’ | Mother at center of Texas child abduction alert, her attorney speak

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    Jacklyn Davidson put several videos on social media before her arrest, and her lawyer called it an abuse of power by CPS.

    Author: KENS 5 Staff (KENS 5)
    Published: 7:52 AM EST December 3, 2022
    Updated: 10:42 AM EST December 4, 2022
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    SAN ANTONIO — An AMBER Alert was issued for six children who were believed to be in danger in Bexar County, officials said Saturday. Officials said their mother took them after Child Protective Services was granted temporary custody.

    Bexar County Sheriff’s said the six children were found safe and their mother Jacklyn Davidson was taken into custody. The other suspect, Jaime Davidson turned himself in later, officials said.

    On Nov. 30, officials say Jacklyn Davidson fled from CPS in the 900 block of Andean Emerald in west Bexar County. Officials said this happened after CPS was granted temporary custody.

    Officials say both suspects had active warrants for interference with child custody.

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    Source: https://www.wltx.com/article/news/national/amber-alert-issued-for-6-children-in-bexar-county/273-a271eb28-07f1-4b53-888b-92ccb85a949f?fbclid=IwAR2ry4d5RE_SJP1_AA_FobHCSPUH-3cxbbRJSIO58CKcoH5tfv0DbCO3I0Q

    Obituary of Sarah Ellen Lord 1977-2022

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    Sarah Ellen Lord, 45, of Newark,Ohio, passed away at the Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital on October 19, 2022

    She was born in Beech Grove, Indianapolis on September 13, 1977. She graduated from North Decatur Jr-Sr High School.
    She was semi-married to Ralph Chastain
    She participated in sports and loved crocheting. She is a champion for Borderline Personality Disorder rights.

    She is survived by the following relatives: Benjamin Lord, James Clive Lord II, Uncle Jeff Lord, and 3 children: Victoria, Ralph, and Zach

    She was cremated at Leaf cremation.

    My trip to hell

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    I had a near-death experience when I was 20 years old. I was in a black tunnel all of the sudden. I said, Is this what happens when you die? I heard my voice and I then saw him(Looked like an ox) and a white background. I saw either
    satan or one of his demons. I felt
    nothing. No air. I wasn’t scared.
    I didn’t see my hands. I didn’t see my face etc. It
    was as real as you and me sitting here. He then grabbed me. Everything turned pitch black. It took a while for me to wake up. It felt like a few minutes. During that time, I heard
    “Jesus loves you”. I woke up gasping for air. I believe that I am here
    on this earth for a purpose. I believe that I am here to make it
    Edit: This happened when I was sleeping. I woke up gasping for air. I
    didn’t have enough oxygen.
    I was just laying on the couch at home in my dad’s trailer home. I was not in the hospital.