How the Government Legally Kidnaps Children and Gets Away With It

Unfortunately, the government doesn’t care about the poor. Only the people that have money.
Circumstances that cause the government to kidnap your kids may include all or some of the following.
1. You get a disability check
2. You are poor
3. You have a mental illness
4. You have a drug problem or a drug “habit”
5. You get medicaid and/or medicare.

Here is what the government does legally to obtain your children.
1. They open a chins case which is rather easy. Anybody calls the 800 number anonymously. Your house is dirty. Your house has a little spec of dirt. Anything. Pictures don’t matter. They can twist it.

2. Next, they allow you to visit your so called child for 14 months. During this time, they proceed to do the following:

* They keep important documents from places like Mental Health facilities that state that you are able to take care of children or that you are normal or doing everything properly.

*They destroy documents that say anything good about you. They keep the bad documents.

*They lie including the CASA worker in order to keep your children from either seeing you or from you getting your children back.

*The judges, lawyers, attorneys, CASA, Family Social Service, CPS workers are all involved and you can’t talk in court. Maybe answer a yes or no question or two.

*A disabled child is better to them. They get more money for it.

*The only god that they worship is money.

3. During the voluntary termination proceedings, they ask if you are under deres. If you say that you are, they prolong the proceedings longer with some bs story.

After that, you sign papers, giving up all your rights and you can’t do anything about it. Pretty much all of the workers involved are pure 100% s*** and are low lifes that don’t care about anybody but the money. I believe that karma is a bitch and that they will get punished sooner or later after they are dead(higher power).

You must have a big ego or be a big loser to do this obviously. This is not some delusion. This happens in multiple countries and states. Google CPS Corruption on google. Kids are being kidnapped for cash.