How to Setup NV510 for XBox Live

I haven’t seen very much helpful info for this problem on the internet, so I am going to put this step by step info up here to help people so they don’t have to struggle with tech support for 3 hour to no avail like I did.

Step 1:

You have to access your modem. Start up a web browser (any one will do). Next go to the address bar and type and hit enter. This will take you to the main interface for your box where you may access a number of settings for your modem. You will also be prompted to provide an access code which will be located on the box itself and labeled “access code”

Step 2:

Now, in order to allow for the changing of your NAT type from strict or moderate to open, you have to click on “Firewall.” From here you have to click on the NAT/Gaming option which will take you to a page which gives you 3 registers: Hosted Applications, Application Hosting Entry, and Manage Custom Services.

Step 3:

Under Manage Custom Services, you have to click the Custom Services option. Here, there will be an empty Service Entry page with the options: Service Name, Port Range, Base Host Port, and Protocol.
Now, in order for your NAT type to change from moderate or strict to open for xbox live, which will allow you to connect to parties and games reliably, you have to create 4 individual custom services, and add them to the list.

Step 4:

You have to create 4 services, and I will layout the creation process below:

For the First one:

Service Name: Port 88 UDP
Global Port Range: 88-88
Base Host Port: 88
Protocol: UDP

Then click add,

For the next one:

Service Name: Port 3074 UDP and TCP
Global Port Range: 3074-3074
Base Host Port: 3074
Protocol: Both

Then click add,

For the next one:

Service Name: Port 53 UDP and TCP
Global Port Range: 53-53
Base Host Port: 53
Protocol: Both

Then click add,

For the last one:

Service Name: Port 80 TCP
Global Port Range: 80-80
Base Host Port: 80
Protocol: TCP

Then click add.

Now that you have all 4 custom services created they are in a list in front of you. Go down and click the return to NAT/Gaming button. This will bring you back to the page with the three registers.

Step 5:

This step requires you to be connected to xbox live through the modem on your xbox 360 system. On the modem module, under the register titled Application Hosting Entry, you have to open the drop down menu titled “Needed by Device.” Under this there should be Several IP addresses or names. You have to check what the IP address of your 360 system is and then make sure that for each entry you select this address for adding the service. Select the xbox system ip and then move up to the drop down menu labelled “Service.” This will bring up a huge list of stuff that you will not care about. You need to scroll down until you find the four services you created, which will have a star next to their name. Ensuring you have the xbox system IP selected, select each of the custom services and then add them to the list.

Now that all 4 of these services are added to the list, your xbox will recognize the ports as open and the NAT type as open. This will allow full connectivity to all aspects of xbox live with no trouble caused by a moderate or strict NAT type.

I hope this will help many people who are confused as to how to allow xbox full open NAT and the full xbox live experience while connected to the ATT Motorola NVG510 Uverse box