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Correct 2wire/Pace Modem Settings

WPA2 Channel 1 802.11b

My Creation


I bet he’d love it in the ass.

Ewwwww Casas

They are as bad as DCS/CPS.


Today is a new chapter of my life. I hope that it doesn’t end so abruptly as it did last time with that other method of work. Life gives us hell sometimes but life isn’t made easy. Life is made to learn from our mistakes and make the best of it. The best thing to do is try, try, and try again. I come forth to close this post in a hopefully better position at this opportunity. Good day everyone.

Doctors Are Stupid

Doctors are stupid for prescribing abused drugs in the first place. Problem is when you have a history of abuse, you are an complete idiot for presribing it in the first place. It sounds like a cash grab to me. It’s your fault for the idea that you send people to a facility that prescribes toxic medication that can be easily abused. Sarah doesn’t deserve to be in a group home. The doctor is at fault for presribing her the commonly abused drugs in the first place. It’s sad that doctors would rather see patients as cash grabs instead of human beings.

First Impressions are Everything

It’s easy to give someone the wrong impression. All you do is have to say one sentence or one word. Scream, Yell, Use Profanity, Eat Chicken, Move the wrong way. That’s life. You either make it or you don’t make it. You have choices in life. Think about what you say or do before you make a decision. That decision could ultimately cost your life as well. Life isn’t that easy nor that bad. You just have to make an impression for strangers. The impression is an everlasting impression. It determines what you do with that person later in life or how they act around you. Some people cannot be helped. No matter what you say or do. It doesn’t matter.

I don’t say much but when I say something I floor the room. Even if it’s good or bad.

What should I install once I get my Windows 7 Computer?

1. Windows Updates.
2. Microsoft Security Essentials.
3. Turn off Windows Defender.
4. CCleaner
5. Super Anti Spyware
6. Malware Bytes
7. Firefox and/or Google Chrome.
8. ………….. More Information Coming Soon

XBox 360 vs PS3

PS3 and XBox 360 are equally good in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong. From what I hear PS3, has a better hard drive option. You can buy a Notebook Hard Drive up to 1 terabyte and add it to the system. PS4 and XBox One has even a better option. PS4 you can add your own hard drive or XBox One you can add a External Hard Drive.

Renewed RalphChastain.Com

I renewed Name Cheap is the best “other” registrar in my opinion. Net Earth One is better Reseller Wise. If you get a Domain Reseller with Net Earth One, domains are cheaper and you get free privacy protection.

Android Rocks

Android is the best mobile platform to date. I love it. You should give it a try. You have nothing to lose!