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Incentives for adoption.

Kidnapping at it’s highest level. Our world is sickening.


Unfortunately, most people are greedy and that gets them in trouble. Prison or Jail or Both is due to greed. Greed does more than just impact lives. It impacts the families of the victims of greed. Greed just plain sucks. You have to know your limits and how it effects other people. You may be doing good but it doesn’t mean that the people around you are doing well.

People are not perfect.

Problem is people think that they are helping the person when in reality they are harming them. Not everyone is the same and not everyone has the same interests. Life is not a popularity contest. The problem with being human is that you don’t worry about just sleep, eating, and shitting. You worry about a whole vast amount of things. People are smart and dumb at the same time. We should be able to enjoy life and not have to worry about a million other things. Life isn’t simple. People complicate things. Life is not complicated. People make it that way.

The World is 50/50 Half Good Half Bad

With all of the awful things happening in the world, life isn’t so bad half way. Life could be worse. I haven’t seen everything thankfully in this world and hopefully everything turns out in the end. I doubt it will turn out good in the end because you never know what after death means. No one knows for certain. Some people think they have the answer but the fact is that nobody knows for definite.

Bought Some Clippers

I got some clippers in the mail yesterday and I look 20 times better. I shaved too. Also, helped Mike with the draining of the lake. Hopefully we have a cookout tomorrow. I got a used xbox too lately with Medal Of Honor and Got her a phone with a case/screen protector(Galaxy S5). I bought her a ring too.

Fuck People

Crazy ass people. I don’t care what illness you have. You deserve respect only when you respect me back.

Got Robbed This Year

I got my lcd tv, xbox 360, 65 games, and shop vac stolen. It was horrible but it could of been worse. I still have a substantial amount of games digitally on my XBox 360 and my PC. They haven’t taken shit really. The only reason why I told about the evil doers in March is because I was over the bastards that stole all of my stuff. I don’t know who did it but I have a good guess of whom did it. People just plain suck and some people really just need to die in hell if such a thing exists.

Do anything to me.

I will survive no matter what the evil doers say and do. My compassion for others doesn’t stop here nor ends.

Vincennes University Review

This school was awful. Security was a joke. I got jaw fractured by two people. I don’t recommend living in the dorms. They don’t have cameras and when they did they wouldn’t record. Nobody is at VU during the weekends. I would recommend getting an apartment by yourself or someone that you love instead. You never know what jerk will live with you. Living in a dorm with your friend doesn’t count. People are different when they live with you.

Having a college room mate was horrible.

Whatever you do, don’t live in any dorm. You never know what kind of idiot of a roommate you are going to have. Also, it’s better to rent an apartment by yourself or with the love of your life instead of getting one in a dorm. Don’t do it with a friend either. Being a friend is different than living with them.

All of my roommates were worthless including my former friend that’s a certified asshole. All they did was bitch about stupid shit. College is about getting a degree. Not a bitch fest.