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Idiots Exist Among Us

Unfortunately, idiots exist and they won’t like what you do no matter what you do. You have to be strong and let karma get them because obviously, it’s going to catch up with them. Life is alright as long as morons aren’t trying to interfere with our lives.

Incentives for adoption.

Kidnapping at it’s highest level. Our world is sickening.

Whistleblowers Reveal CPS Child Kidnappings in Kentucky Adoption Business

Indiana Child Welfare Crazy Caseworkers take too many kids

Click the above link for more information.

At&t’s directv Purchase Back Firing

AT&T is adding caps and pretty much promoting tv that’s in the stone age. It wouldn’t be in the stone age if it wasn’t for the high prices and commercials. They are charging caps for wireline soon. All companies are losing TV subscribers. I predict the same to Internet as well if this trend continues.

Open Port 68

Open Inbound port 68 in DMZ Mode on the third party router to fix DHCP 10 minute lease time issue.

DCS Corruption at it again.

Yep. More caseloads because of the kidnapping of more kids.

At&t uverse sucks

I don’t think that they care about there customers period. If you contact the fcc, they blame the customer. I would rather use a different service than them anyday. Problem is that the monoply let’s them get away with anything and you are stuck with bad service. In return, everyone is mad at your company and you don’t want to get other services with them.

MYSQL/Mariadb Default Database Directory Config


Run cPanel Backups Manually.

Normal: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup

Legacy: /scripts/cpbackup –force