Monthly Archives: August 2014

Boomers Against Elder Abuse

Check it out right here:

Well, we knew that the government takes children and the government likes to take elders and sell off all of the property that they own which is truly a disgrace. From what I see, the whole system needs a redone. When people have too much money and too much power they think that they can get away with anything. Truth of the matter is that if everyone knew what was going on with the government, we’d take it in our own hands.

Bought Some Clippers

I got some clippers in the mail yesterday and I look 20 times better. I shaved too. Also, helped Mike with the draining of the lake. Hopefully we have a cookout tomorrow. I got a used xbox too lately with Medal Of Honor and Got her a phone with a case/screen protector(Galaxy S5). I bought her a ring too.