Monthly Archives: November 2013

CPS/DCS are Low Life Human Trafficking Rings

If you have or haven’t been falsely accused of anything, check out for more information. It’s real and it’s horrible. CPS/DCS including the judges are the lowest life form on the planet. They don’t care about anyone except for money. Greed reigns supreme with them. You can think that I am nuts but you aren’t the only one that thinks that I am nuts until it happens to you.

Casa Volunteers work with CPS as Frauds.

CPS kidnaps children and casa volunteers lie for the children so that the parents don’t get the children back. This is true in the United States where the country itself is corrupted by greed. Human trafficking for profit happens on a daily basis and they don’t need a warrant or evidence. It’s just he said, she said. The land of the free isn’t free where over 2 million people are on in prison and many more in jail for low level crimes. The United States isn’t the only country that does this. It’s on a global scale.

(Exede/Wilde Blue/Hughes)Satellite Internet Sucks

You have no other options and of course the excuse that the Satellite Internet companies give you that it costs alot to add a satellite. Ya, It costs alot but it doesn’t mean that they don’t make alot. You may love your satellite Internet but I actually use my Internet.

You pay $50 to $140 a month for a very limited amount of bandwidth(5 GB to 25 GB). Of course, they could just buy more satellites to increase the bandwidth limit or lower the max speed but they don’t won’t. After you get capped, your Internet is slowed down to a measly 128k to 256k. You get so mad that you want to buy more bandwidth. That’s why they do that. Just for the money. Mobile Internet is better. Even that has unlimited. I could care less about 10mb. I just want consistent Internet. My dsl runs at 768k but that’s all the time 24/7.