At&t uverse sucks

I don’t think that they care about there customers period. If you contact the fcc, they blame the customer. I would rather use a different service than them anyday. Problem is that the monoply let’s them get away with anything and you are stuck with bad service. In return, everyone is mad at your company and you don’t want to get other services with them.

Blog Updates

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Unfortunately, most people are greedy and that gets them in trouble. Prison or Jail or Both is due to greed. Greed does more than just impact lives. It impacts the families of the victims of greed. Greed just plain sucks. You have to know your limits and how it effects other people. You may be doing good but it doesn’t mean that the people around you are doing well.

Cps Corruption is Real

When it comes to child protection services, the court doesn’t care. You’d cry 20 times in a row and nobody else would hear your cries. It’s he said. She said. It’s not evidence based. It’s incentive based and it’s one of the worst things that is happening in this country. Many people don’t know it’s happening in this country. If you look up genocide. That’s what it is. Google cps corruption. Nancy Shafer(A Senator) was killed for exposing the corruption to the public. Cps in Kentucky took a news station to court to prevent a broadcast from being played on the news. They make up any lie to take your kids away. They don’t care nor stand up to change it because they will take the workers kids too and the attorney’s kids. It’s private. Not a public thing.

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